and then spring turned up

in a lot of ways, springtime makes me even antsier to get traveling. the lethargy of winter, the beaten-down grind of getting to work in the snow every day … it’s so much effort to get to work, much less run errands, just forget about trying to get anywhere travel-like! the delays getting to the airport, the cancelled flights, the missed connections (I’m looking at you, ORD) … sometimes it hardly seems worth it.

and then spring turns up. the weather is unpredictable, but never quite miserable, taunting you that tomorrow might be sunny and warm, but then shows up not-quite-cold-but-certainly-not-warm and foggy. the threat of weather delays diminishes considerably — at least in my head. and all those places that were unappealing to think about when it was cold out, they resurface and jostle with all the warm-weather destinations for attention. so, my feet get itch, I think about the places I could travel on a weekend, or where I’d go if someone handed me a plane ticket anywhere in the world; where I can afford to go on a weekend getaway, whether I can convince myself to forgo a weekend away here and there to save up for the big trip. or how I can manage to do it all. right now.

Author: Erica

born in the midwest with wandering feet.