today was one for comparisons. after exploring the city centre this morning and popping in to the St. George’s Market, i took the bus out to Milltown Cemetery in the Falls Road, or the heart of Republican West Belfast. there is a memorial to volunteers who have died in action, accidentally, however, as well as one to the people who died in 1981 while on hunger strike protesting the fact the classification as ‘terrorists’ rather than political prisoners. later in the day, i took a bus up Shankill Road, which is the heart of Loyalist West Belfast. murals all over the place in both areas, which are divided by a metal fence called the ‘Peace Wall.’ also took a rather comprehensive walking tour of historic Belfast.

and now i’m out of internet time.
more to come … eventually. 🙂

Author: Erica

born in the midwest with wandering feet.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Hope you get a chance to post more, maybe even pictures (wink wink). Never thought about how posting while traveling would limit what you can type, just because of the very fact that your internet has a time limit! Much of my posts have a healthy amount of time-wasting meandering.

  2. Also, FYI– according to his Twitter feed, Eddie Izzard was running a marathon in Belfast yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled for Izzard in Ireland, apparently he's running marathons all over the UK for some charity.

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