farm life!

making friends with sheep and donkeys at Dunbeg ring fort on the Dingle peninsula.
there are sheep everywhere. surprise surprise. the Dingle peninsula alone has a sheep population of 500,000, tended by a human population of 10,000. they graze most anywhere, including property owned by the Office of Public Works.

the Hill of Tara, for one, is well fertilized by the sheep that graze on the land.

left mostly to their own devices, sheep wander around looking for good eats. sometimes in the verges on the side of the road, sometimes sticking their heads through fences, not unlike giraffes that eat all the good foliage off any tree they can reach. my favorite was a clump of sheep that had managed to get onto an island just off the shore in the Doo Lough.

Author: Erica

born in the midwest with wandering feet.